As a consequence of the pandemic, electronic commerce has accelerated for at least 5 years

The digital transformation has been a great era that has caused great changes with it, in the same way that social or demographic changes have done, forcing companies to seek and devise new alternatives to adjust their knowledge and lack of them about their potential consumers and your interests. The field in which brands move flows faster and their cycles are getting shorter and shorter.

This is why the importance of knowing and understanding consumers and their interests is emerging more than ever.

Day by day a great pressure is created for this reason, economic changes or fashions in tastes are no longer the only aspects, but it is necessary to be aware of a certain volatility, to a constant flow of adjustments that occur through breakneck speed through the network.

In addition, not only has the way in which things are preferred or the topics and other issues become popular has been changed, but also different modifications are created, such as in the margins of maneuvering in companies. Consumers are asking for more transparency, but they are also demanding shorter times when it comes to getting responses from brands.


E-commerce has become a means of help for many businesses, due to many restrictions presented by the pandemic. But this has also presented great options to use these channels to make purchases in a much easier and safer way for the consumer.

Only in 2020 together with 2021, this e-commerce sector has been one of the few that has not only been maintained but has grown with great force, so much so that its acceleration can be estimated between 3 to 5 years.


One of the highly moved categories is the food products sector, its increase is close to 95%, the use of platforms more frequently for the acquisition of food and fresh products. These levels of volatility created different changes regarding the use of these channels, forcing the creation of innovations, updates, and improvements to their systems to meet this great demand, which helped consumers to discover new local and national online stores, but also It had a great influence on delivery issues, so many physical stores were closed, which created a great demand for deliveries. Among the innovations in the platforms, the possibility of selecting a delivery date and time was highlighted, increasing consumer confidence in the use of this electronic commerce.

Creating all this step more business opportunities in these new digital ecosystems.

And not only for a young audience, but attracting audiences of all ages.

For this reason, it is a good time to consider proposing strategies dedicated to the use of these media, and take advantage of this opportunity to make your brand a digital business.