Social Media Marketing Pricing Factors to Consider

Social media has exploded onto the scene and businesses have no choice but to hire a company or individuals who specialize in social media management. On average, businesses who outsource their social media management spend $200 – $ 350 per day. This averages to $4,500 – $7,500 per year or even more. In last year alone, businesses spent an average of 10.3% of their total online marketing budgets on social media. If you add this up over the next few years you’ll quickly see how massive this trend is becoming. Companies are no longer paying large sums of money to employees in order to manage their social media accounts.

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are just a few of the social networking sites that are providing companies with an incredible number of benefits. For example, if you’re on Twitter you’ll never miss an update pertaining to your business. If you have an Instagram account and are a fan of the company’s products and services, updating your page will let everyone know about them. When using a scheduling application such as eclincher, you’ll be able to update people about any upcoming sales, promotions, or seminars within your company.

As one can see, there are numerous benefits to utilizing social media tools such as eclincher along with other scheduling apps. Twitter, for example, is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools for companies to utilize at the moment. As one can see, Twitter can help you interact with your clients/prospects/customers and it can also help you stay connected with your peers/followers/friends/ colleagues. LinkedIn, on the other hand, can be used as a sales tool. While Facebook can be used for almost everything, it has the tendency to become overdone and has the tendency to get ignored by many people (mostly spammers).

One can take full advantage of these social media scheduling applications by creating a “business dashboard” that will be used to manage all of your contacts, activities, and events. As an example, if you have a blog you’d like to promote you can set it up so that when a post is published it will automatically be shared to all of your Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram, and eclincher accounts. Now, this is one way to promote your blog and it may be all you ever need but don’t forget about the possibilities of other social networking platforms. You might also want to consider taking a look at Hootsuite and Buffer.

In the past, Hootsuite and Buffer were not among the leading social media scheduling tools but recently, these have been improved upon, especially in terms of being able to schedule videos. By using Hootsuite’s news feeds you can schedule videos to be published on a very regular basis; however, I would recommend making use of Hootsuite’s interactive news feeds as well. These have been greatly enhanced since they are now integrated with Facebook’s news feeds, which means you are even more likely to be exposed to new video content.

Social media pricing is definitely an important factor to consider when you are engaging in social media marketing. Social media pricing includes how much you are charged per activity as well as how much you are charged for the total number of users that engage in your promotions. I recommend looking for a social media management application that has a features package that allows you to easily integrate all of your marketing tools, such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram all of which play major roles in your social media management and video promotion. This way, you won’t be forced to engage in expensive, social media advertising methods such as buying advertising space or pay per click. By maximizing all the different features of these apps, you will be able to save a lot of money on social media pricing.