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Email Marketing

It is the sending of a message with the objectives of acquiring new customers, developing a better relationship with current customers, creating loyalty, interacting with users, increasing your sales, confirming a purchase, among many other things such as generating trust towards a service or product. We transmit to your clients the necessary and creative information about your products or services in a direct, intelligent and effective way through emails.

Send the right message at the right time!

As ALL IN, a company specialized in Digital Marketing strategies, we help you define an email marketing strategy, transactional emails, automation campaigns and others, for each customer segment, with designs implemented for you as original and effective content.

Email is a channel that, if used and directed in an intelligent way, has great potential. By having a solid database and working correctly on segmentations to offer personalized content at the right time, we will be able to generate more sales and create a more loyal audience interested in our products and services.

How do we follow the development of email marketing?


To carry out an email marketing campaign it is necessary to implement a relevant, creative and striking design according to the management of your services, looking for the best strategy and way to generate a continuous and simple form of communication for your target audience.


We use professional strategies and tools that will make your emails overcome spam barriers, reaching the inbox thus greatly increasing the user's view of these contents.


It is very important to verify every part of the mail that is going to be sent. An important and fundamental aspect is the development of the presentation since it is the main face of the topic to be communicated. It is necessary to review each of its components, such as having a correct display on different platforms such as mobile devices, as well as their spelling and organization.


After receiving and studying the behavior created with the mass emails, optimizations are created from this analysis for future shipments. In this way created a better product that supports your business.

Types of Emails


An effective form of communication to improve the relationship with your clients in a light and close way. They present the news of your company, whether it be features or services, so if you have a blog with frequent content it is an excellent way to take advantage of the scope of the content, summarizing the best of these topics, allowing you to remain in the mind of your audience. objective.


Personalized messages when using special dates. Making your clients feel remembered and that your company is present in the important moments for your audience.


The objective of your campaigns that originated the sending is to create an interesting offer, implemented with the characteristics of your audience which will receive the email, in addition to a defined delivery period. So that your email campaigns have good open and click rates.


They focus on conversion. Working as a great potential to bring the right content to the right audience at any time that the purchase stage occurs if it is done in an optimized way. As a promotional email for physical products such as e-commerce, digital services.

Welcome Marketing

It is an email sent the moment your prospect becomes a sales opportunity. Its main function is to provide relevant information to the user in their purchase process.


Whether for goals such as engagement, networking, increasing the conversion rate, sending promotions, spreading news or reducing purchase failures. Encourage the registration of clients, guaranteeing a base of genuinely interested people. Sending relevant content for your client and that has a connection with your company, promotions, launches, but in the same way that they provide help to the consumer to solve some type of problem.

Why do I need to use email marketing in my business strategy?

Since a long period of time it has been a very useful and relevant resource, thanks to its easy access, it is very useful to reach a wide variety of audiences. These sent messages are directly to the recipient’s tray, which makes you present in the daily life of each client.

By creating these emails with a correct digital marketing strategy, they become involved in each stage of the relationship with the customer, such as lead nurturing, customer loyalty, market prospecting, publicizing your business, creating an image. eye-catching of your brand positioning you as an expert, in addition to creating high sales percentages of your products and services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the communication that exists between a company and its potential customers, through email. ALL IN implements techniques and effective designs adapted according to the needs of your business, to achieve a closer relationship with customers, achieving an increase in sales and the generation of trust in your services or products.

Marketing and promoting the services or products of companies, in a direct and fast way. In this way, achieve a large number of contacts and generate loyalty in them.

The ideal time to implement this type of strategy is the moment when a customer becomes a possible purchase. With a considerable amount in the database, this element can be generated within the digital marketing strategy to make its respective shipment together with the fulfillment of the objectives clarified in the strategy.

It is junk mail or unsolicited mail.

ALL IN implements modern and effective tools through modern and functional designs to create quality content in order to get the message across and create a relationship with your client. Through personalized strategies that will make your publications not spam but quality content for the client.